Human Surgical

Medical Technology


Customer: Human Surgical

Headquarters: Germany

Industry: Medical Devices

Languags: German

Task: Total Communication

Work examples: Flyer


Work examples


In recent years liposuction has become an increasingly important issue for specialist clinics as well as patients from different population groups. Criteria such as safety, precision and smoothness of the application are critical for the success of the treatment. In addition to the qualifications of the operating physician, the quality of the technology with which the intervention is carried out plays a critical role.


Human Surgical developed BodyJet, a novel liposuction concept that combines high accuracy with a particularly gentle application. To introduce the technology in professional circles, we developed brochures, congress and other materials. The corporate design, including the logo, was within the scope of the project as well.


What you see here are attractive and efficient measures. What’s not obvious though is the fact that the young company had a limited budget. The success of the project was largely thanks to 360°’s systematic effort to exploit all opportunities for cost control.



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